Dosbarth Dinas Bran

Dosbarth Dinas Bran
Croeso i tudalen Dosbarth Dinas Bran. Welcome to the class page of Dosbarth Dinas Bran.
Here you will find information about your child’s learning journey in Year 3/4.

Class Timetable

Topic ‘Mighty Metals’
Autumn 2018
Pupils will be focusing on explanatory writing this term as we explore the world of Mighty Metals. Our focus book is ‘Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes and will form the basis for our learning. All pupils will study instructions, write reports and will be learning about how toys work. Pupils will complete weekly tasks in reading and comprehension, spelling and grammatical work. It would be helpful if your child built up their knowledge of metals (e.g. iron, steel, copper, tin) by carrying out research either on the internet or from information books from the library.

Pupils will work with numbers to 1 Million and revise the four rules. They will also focus on data handling, estimation, measurement, money and shape. At the end of each unit we will be doing a reasoning project based around our topic.
Pupils will be learning basic conversational skills in Welsh. We will be looking at greetings, feelings, the weather and personal details.
Science forms the heart of our topic this term. Pupils will study materials, electricity, forces and magnets. Pupils will be carrying out investigations, making their own electric and magnetic games, and building upon their researching skills.
This term we are focusing on interacting and collaborating. Pupils will have the opportunity to send emails, create group projects using Word and PowerPoint, carry out research and learn how to store and share files.
Art, Design and Technology
Design and Technology is central to our topic work this term. Pupils will be exploring how different toys, playground equipment and machines work. Pupils will also be designing and creating their own metal games and toys. In Art, pupils will have the opportunity to work with charcoal, tinfoil, and other materials as we explore different ways to create our own classroom Iron Man.
Personal and Social Education
Pupils will take part in circle time where a range of themes will be explored. The environment and the importance of recycling will be discussed as part of our topic work.
Pupils will be reading and discussing a range of bible stories to explore the importance of story. Pupils will be exploring their own faith and that of others. As part of Harvest pupils will also be looking at religious festivals.
Physical Education
P.E will be every Wednesday. Please ensure your child has an appropriate kit to change into. Pupils will be focusing on games this term. They will be developing their team working, aim, throwing and catching, and evasion skills. Pupils will also have weekly swimming lessons on a Friday.
In Music we will be looking at mechanical sounds and playing with metallic instruments. Pupils will be thinking about how robots move and composing sound effects. Pupils will also have the opportunity to design a junk band.
Homework for this term is to practice the correct weekly spelling sent home and to continue to progress through the reading stages with frequently changing school books and updating the home/school reading record.

This terms trip include:
-Brymbo Steel Works (Technology- study of machines).
-King Arthur’s Labyrinth (Topic- Metals).
-Swimming (Every Friday £2 for Autumn Term).
-Christmas Panto.

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