Dosbarth Harlech

Dosbarth Harlech
Croeso i tudalen Dosbarth Harlech. Welcome to the class page of Dosbarth Dinas Bran.
Here you will find information about your child’s learning journey in Year 5/6.

Topic ‘Inventions’
Autumn 2018

Pupils will be researching Inventions that have impacted on our lives today. We aim to solve challenges by creating instructional text on how to operate new apps to help younger children in the school. We will also be exploring important machinery at the Brymbo heritage site, whilst studying their impact on the steel industry. All pupils will they will study recounts and reports and information writing. Pupils will complete weekly tasks in reading and comprehension, spelling and grammatical work.

Pupils will work with numbers to 1 Million and revise the four rules. They will also focus on data handling- producing graphs relating to our topic study findings.
We will be getting to grips with our new school maths app ‘Maths Whizz’ and help train up the younger children in the school so they can successful use the new app too.

Pupils will be learning language for prepositions; they will also read and respond to our book study, ‘Yr Hen, Hen Ysgol’. Pupils will also be focusing on food this half term by describing likes and dislikes within general Cymraeg conversation.

Pupils will learn about electricity linking to our topic of inventions. Children will be creating and designing their own investigations and success criteria to help find out more about this vital energy source.

Pupils will be recording welsh conversations on seesaw, producing graphs linking to famous inventions and carrying out research about famous inventors towards a class presentation.

In Geography we will be finding the origins of famous inventions from around the world and locating these on world maps. We will also carry out local studies and discover famous inventions close to home.

Art, Design and Technology
Pupils will be learning sketching and designing their own inventions as part of a class project to submit towards the ‘Primary engineer 2019’ project later this year.

Personal and Social Education
Contrasting communities and the environment. Pupils will take part in circle time where a range of themes will be explored. The environment, and the effects of greenhouse gasses from major manufacturing nations, will be part of our class comparative study.

What is courage? In this topic, pupils will be looking at Courage show by Jesus and his disciples. Pupils will also be learning about Hinduism.

Physical Education
Pupils will be taking part in invasion games this half term with Dodgeball taking place on Tuesdays and High 5’s on a Friday. Multi-skills tasks and meditation sessions will occur during the week at appropriate times.
Please note that swimming will resume for Year 5/6 after Christmas.

Pupils will study the invention of a variety of musical instruments and their impact on social history. Children will get the change to perform their own music linking to welsh and topic sessions.

Homework for this term is to practice the correct weekly spelling sent home. Children are to try and access 60 mins of Maths Whizz per week. Finally, we ask children to continue progressing through the reading stages with frequently changing school books and updating the home/school reading record.

This half terms trip include:
-Brymbo Heritage site (More trips and dates to follow)
-Techniquest – Scientific investigations day

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